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Alleged Intel Core i3-13100 Appears in CPU-Z Validator

What appears to be a retail-spec Intel Core i3-13100 showed up on the online CPU-Z Validator page. Tum Apisak, a prolific Twitter-based tech data digger, unearthed a processor verification page, suggest Here’s confirmation of the leak he shared last month. A base clock points to his 3,415 MHz “nothing exciting” Raptor Lake processor. The important thing to note here is that the next-generation processor basehis clock appears to be only 100 MHz higher than the current processor, with no apparent adjustments to the core configuration. It’s still part of the 4C/8T. As with leaks, take speculation with a grain of salt.

(Image credit: Future)

Tom’s Hardware reviewed the Intel Core i3-12100 this summer and gave it 4 out of 5 stars for its attractive price/performance ratio. Notably, it offered Alder Lake’s excellent single-threaded performance, and the 4C/8T configuration worked pretty well for his PC games in 2022 as well. suitable memory/motherboard). It exists in a market segment where AMD doesn’t offer much competition. However, Intel’s seeming limp here in the generational transition to the i3-13100 doesn’t get any support.

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