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Apple Makes “Major Cuts” to Vision Pro Production Plans, Says Report

Apple has “significantly reduced” its Vision Pro headset production plans, a manufacturing source said in an interview. financial times. The reduction in headset orders has been shown not to be driven by concerns over the high cost of the devices and thus user adoption. Rather, FT sources say the “complexity of headset design and production difficulty” is impacting hardware production targets.

Plans to bring the Vision Pro headset to the general public “early next year” were revealed at WWDC about a month ago. tom’s hardware has been keeping an eye on the show, and our editorial has sparked a lot of discussion among our readers, but mostly about Apple’s potential success in the AR/VR/XR space and its $3,499 product price. was.

Apple usually tracks product availability quickly after product announcements, but the Vision Pro was different. After WWDC, we wondered if there was still a lot left to do, if manufacturing and software development were delaying our launch plans.

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On the subject of pinch points affecting launch plans, the FT’s report hits manufacturing fairly squarely. Based on reading the report, which gathered opinions from a number of manufacturing insiders and outside analysts, the big issue probably centers on the manufacturing of his MVision Pro’s micro OLED display. TSMC. Because this state-of-the-art technology component and some others are so new, it is believed that their production processes tend to yield very poorly.

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