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Arduino Make Your Uno Kit Review: Build Your Own Microcontroller

Arduino was there before that raspberry pi And it democratized access to electronics and hardware hacking long before everyone’s favorite SBC. The most famous board in this series, the Arduino Uno, is now over ten years old. During that time, we’ve contributed to countless projects, but we’ve never been able to officially create our own… until now.

Arduino’s $58 Make Your Uno Kit is more than an Arduino Uno in a box of components. Rather, you should build your own Uno from the parts that come with it. This means that you should use either: best soldering iron Solder the components. But this kit does more than just provide the parts to build an Arduino microcontroller. Also build your own shield ( HAT addon for Raspberry Pi) and an audio synth that can be used to create music/beep/beep sounds.

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