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Core i5-13400 Exhibits Core i5-12600K-Like Performance For Around $240

Intel’s Raptor Lake non-K processors won’t launch until 2023. However, Vietnamese retailer Nguyen Cong Computer (via) momomo_us (opens in new tab)) already have some in stock, including the Core i5-13400F and the Core i5-13400. The retailer has reviewed two of his 65W chips as mentioned above. These are retail units, so the results show the final performance of the processor.

The Core i5-13400 comes with a 10 core, 16 thread configuration with 6 P cores and 4 E cores. The recipe sounds familiar as it’s the same design as Intel’s latest generation Core i5-12600K Alder Lake part, one of the best CPUs out there. The reason is that some of Intel’s Raptor Lake chips will use reheated Alder Lake C0 or H0 dies. This strategy would effectively allow Intel to recycle its leftover Alder Lake silicon and bring its E-cores back to the latest Core i5 non-K SKUs that previously had no E-cores in his Alder Lake. The bad news is that these processors will feature Golden Cove cores instead of the new Raptor Cove cores. We haven’t been able to confirm which Raptor Lake non-K chips will feature Alder Lake silicon, but from the looks of it, the Core i5-13400 is likely one of them.

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