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Arm Developing Reference Chips to Attract New Customers: Report

Arm has formed a new “solution engineering” team to develop prototype chips for smartphones, laptops and other consumer electronics and to demonstrate the technology’s capabilities. financial timesThere are concerns in the industry that Arm plans to either sell the chips themselves or license such designs in competition with licensees, but sources close to Arm say they are not planning to sell products. Or deny any licensing plans and claim they are only working on prototypes.

Traditionally, Arm licenses its instruction set architectures, logical designs for CPUs or GPUs, silicon-proven physical designs for CPUs or GPUs, and various other IP blocks to its clients. However, the chip, which is being developed by a solution engineering team led by industry veteran Kevork Kechichian, is said to be more advanced than ever, according to FT industry insiders. Given the complexity of the project, some in the industry believe Arm may build his own branded SoC, or at least license a reference design rather than license his IP. . Arm declined to comment for this information.

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