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Biostar X670E Valkyrie Motherboard Review: Solid Features, Lacking Polish

Biostar’s latest entry in the motherboard space has a household name in the X670E Valkryie. Valkyrie is his Biostar flagship, and unlike his partners on other boards, the company currently only offers this one board of his with the X670E chipset. On paper, the Valkyrie comes with just about everything you could be looking for in an X670E platform. You get multiple PCIe 5.0 slots, multiple M.2 sockets, a robust power delivery that supports any AM5 processor, and a high-quality audio codec. Strictly speaking about specs and features, it rivals all other similarly priced boards.

In terms of performance, the X670E Valkyrie also performed well, catching up with other tested boards in most of our tests. He was forced to run DDR5-4800 for testing instead of DDR5-5600, which he normally uses, so I was a little surprised by the overall performance. Unfortunately, our GSkill memory kit didn’t work in the XMP/EXPO settings, neither completed the full test suite nor worked during the stress test. The company provided an updated BIOS of his that worked on the kit after testing, but it didn’t fix all the issues with many of his DDR5 kits on the market today. The Valkyrie doesn’t make it onto the best motherboards list as memory compatibility is still a concern (previous reviews had similar issues), but it’s still capable at JEDEC memory speeds.

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