Bitcoin hash rate falls 13% in one day, mining difficulty estimated to drop 10%

Bitcoin (BTC) hash rate It decreased 13% to 202.17 EH/s on December 27th from about 240 EH/s recorded on December 26th.

After that, it recovered to 234 EH/s at the time of writing the article.

Source: Glassnode

We expect a 7% to 10% drop in mining difficulty due to the lower hashrate.

BTC’s mining difficulty is close to a record high of 35.36T. Due to the estimated decrease, mining difficulty drops between 31T and 32T. Bitlow.

On Christmas Eve, BTC’s hashrate dropped by more than 40% as major US miners shut down due to winter storms. Hashrate recovered quickly on Christmas Day, peaking at around 247.87 EH/s, but has been steadily declining since then.

Post-Bitcoin hash rate is estimated to drop 13% in a day and mining difficulty drops by 10%, first appearing on CryptoSlate.

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