MicroStrategy just bought another 2,500 BTC

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Business intelligence company MicroStrategy purchased an additional 2,395 BTC between November 1st and December 21st.

MicroStrategy Founder and CEO Michael Saylor said: announced of company purchases on Twitter Second time this quarter.

Michael Thaler MicroStrategy BTC

According to the company, 8K filing Bitcoin was bought by the SEC for about $42.8 million in cash, with an average price per BTC of $17,871.

The company sold it for around $11.8 million 704 BTC days after its acquisition. The average selling price was around $16,776 per BTC for him, resulting in a capital loss for MicroStrategy. Losses are carried back against previous capital gains and used to reduce federal income taxes for companies registered in Delaware.

However, MicroStrategy’s bitcoin holdings increased again on December 24, when the company bought another 810 BTC for $13.6 million. Bitcoin was bought at an average price of around $16,845.

Both the sale and purchase of 2,500 BTC were made through MicroStrategy subsidiary MacroStrategy, bringing the company’s total Bitcoin holdings to 132,500 BTC. The acquisition was funded by the issuance and sale of 218,500 new shares and generated approximately $46.4 million in proceeds for the company.

As of December 27, 132,500 BTC have been acquired for a total purchase price of just over $4 billion, with an average price per BTC of around $30,397.

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