BNB Chain announces its first Asia-based hackathon

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BNB chain announced The company will hold its first hackathon in South Korea from December 17th to 19th. The event is a joint effort of BNB Chain, DWF Labs and CertiK.

Commenting on the company’s first hackathon, Stephen Milton, BNB Chain’s Head of Marketing, said:

“Blockchain games and NFTs have become key components of Web3, and South Korea has seen remarkable growth in both areas.In the context of web3, South Korea is at the forefront of global gaming, metaverse, culture and music domination standing.

Seeing the amazing Web3 developer talent, we are committed to providing consistent local developer support in Korea. “

The main purpose of the hackathon is to connect developers, entrepreneurs and VCs from all over the world to drive innovation for Web3.


Event rules stipulate that each participating team must have a minimum of 5 members. The winner will be announced on his December 19th, and he will be awarded $5,000 to the winning team. Additionally, the 2nd place and her 3rd place winners will be awarded $3,000 and $2,000 respectively. All three winners will continue to have access to the BNB Chain developer and funding program.

The hackathon ends with a funding round hosting Binance Labs, Hashed, Samsung Next, DWF Labs and more. There, the three winning teams pitch their ideas to raise money.

of application The event is still open at the time of writing.

korean event

Recent CyrptoSlate exclusive interview with Crypto Soul Founder Erica Kang APAC DAO Co-founder Nicole Nguyen has revealed that events held in the region could help solve problems for the Asian crypto community.

Kang and Nguyen agreed that the Asian cryptocurrency market has great potential. However, according to Kang, language barriers and time differences are the two main factors isolating and retreating Asian communities from the rest of the world.

Ironically, Asia is an isolated market that produces excellent talent. Developers in the region are learning to operate on their own, Nguyen said, and it’s very impressive “what they can do with significantly fewer resources without relying on centralized parties.” increase.

Kang and Nicole agreed that the event was essential to alleviate the isolation of the Asian market and expose its unique talents to the world.

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