BNB Chain launches Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools in partnership with Fjord, Balancer

According to a statement dated December 19, BNB Chain has partnered with Fjord and Balancer to launch a liquidity bootstrap pool (LBP) on its mainnet.

This move allows new projects to create liquidity, giving everyday users the opportunity to invest in innovative ideas and discover new communities.

Initially, LBP will support ERC-20 tokens and plans to expand to include Fair Launch NFTs on the BNB chain through Fjord NFTs in early 2023.

Fjord’s LBP has already generated over $750 million in community funding and has been used by over 60,000 users since September 2021. Using Balancer technology, Fjord is working with Merit Circle, GuildFi, Kapital DAO and others in the GameFi, DeFi and Community DAO industries.

Fjord and Balancer’s LBP will mitigate the impact of sniper bots and whales on token launch events, support fair price discovery, and ensure launch events are not affected by users with asymmetric information and technical capabilities. Known for creating sustainable communities by

BNB Chain says it will continue to roll out innovative on-chain utilities for the benefit of developers, users and the wider ecosystem.

Balancer first appeared on CryptoSlate after the BNB chain partnered with Fjord to launch a liquidity bootstrap pool.

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