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China Relents, Lets U.S. Export Control Inspect 3D NAND Maker YMTC

The U.S. government says Beijing has allowed U.S. export control inspections of People’s Republic of China tech companies that were put on the Unidentified List in October. financial timesThe move is meant to keep Chinese 3D NAND company YMTC from being listed on the Commerce Department’s “entity list,” which seriously undermines the company’s ability to source equipment from US companies. It seems that.

The YMTC and many Chinese tech companies announced in early October that the U.S. government could not confirm whether their products (or products made using their products) ended up in the hands of the Chinese military. Added to unconfirmed list. Once a company is on the Unverified List, they have 60 days to prove that their product does not violate regulations. If the company fails to prove this within his 60 days, it will be placed on a trading blacklist called the “Entity List” and, in the case of YMTC, will be denied use of US technology.

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