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Chinese GPU Maker Raises $250 Million for Future GPU Development

Moore Threads, a China-based GPU developer, has reportedly raised around $215.4 million in Series B funding to fund continued multi-function GPU research and development. Digi TimesThe funding shows investor confidence in China’s GPU development in general, fueled by the country’s need for AI/ML accelerators, not just for gaming graphics processors.

Since its inception in late 2020, Moore Threads has developed two graphics processors (Sudi and Chunxiao) compatible with the company’s MUSA computing platform and multiple add-in boards (AIBs) built around its basic design. has been introduced. Both multifunction GPUs are designed for a variety of markets, including gaming, cloud computing, artificial intelligence/machine learning, FP32 high performance computing, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Pursuing so many market opportunities allows Moore Threads to attract investors from diverse backgrounds.

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