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8GB DDR5 Contract Pricing Dropped 43% Through 2022

Tweets from Taiwanese industry sources indicate that the DRAM market will continue to face challenges through the end of 2022. Digi Times reports that DRAM spot prices have fallen 40% this year. Specifically, spot prices for DDR4 and DDR3 memory ICs of all sizes dropped significantly in 2022. Perhaps most interested by the PC enthusiast and his DIY enthusiast is the contract price of the 8GB DDR5 RAM module at the end of February and the end of October this year.

Ideally, the entire PC industry would have transitioned to DDR5 system memory in 2022, supporting the latest platforms from AMD and Intel. However, those who bought the DDR5 build, especially earlier this year, had to pay a significant premium to add memory on top of new CPUs, motherboards, etc. So some motherboards The manufacturer proudly offered identical motherboards for the latest generation Intel CPUs in configurations that support DDR4 or DDR5.

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