ConstitutionDAO set to buy the US constitution again with private multisig

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The Constitution DAO has resurfaced to carry out its mission to purchase the last original copy of the United States Constitution, which will be auctioned by Sotheby’s on December 13.

About a year ago, the ConstitutionDAO took the crypto community by storm after raising nearly $47 million in an attempt to buy the first printed version of the US Constitution. Unfortunately, it lost the auction to Citadel CEO Ken Griffin.

In retrospect, the DAO noted that the transparency of the Ethereum blockchain undermined its bidding efforts. As a result, the ConstitutionDAO auctioned about $40 million and Griffin bought the historical document for his $43.2 million.

Lessons learned from the first attempt have resulted in the founding members of ConstitutionDAO resurfaced and rebranded as: Constitution DAO2. The new DAO matches 13 DAOs including PeopleDAO, Juicebox and Aztec Network.

Sotheby’s announced Early on November 1st, we will be auctioning off the last first printed copy of the United States Constitution in private possession by December 13th.

Constitution DAO2 said it would create a private multisig to mask its fundraising efforts. You can choose.

If ConstituencyDAO2 wins the auction, all donors will have a vote to decide how the Constitution will be administered. On the other hand, if the auction is lost, all funds will be returned to the donors over the refund period.

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