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Corsair EX100U Portable SSD Review: The Good, The Bad, and the Average

The Corsair EX100U is an extraordinary portable SSD that delivers capacities up to 4 TB with a 20 Gbps interface in a small package. This is done using TLC instead of the recommended QLC flash, but the overall performance is inconsistent. The warranty is a bit on the weak side, but Corsair backs it up with software and includes both popular types of USB-C cables. The price isn’t particularly competitive, but this is a capable middle-of-the-road portable SSD.

Portable SSDs tend towards cheaper ones like 10 Gbps with QLC and more expensive professional ones with Thunderbolt speeds and high performance TLC.Both examples are Inland Platinum External When SanDisk Professional G Drive (formerly G-Technology G-Drive), respectively. It is possible to get good sustained performance at 10 Gbps. samsung t7 shieldbut the affordable 20 Gbps option is a bit more limited, especially if you want 4 TB.

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