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Crowdfunded LTE HAT for Raspberry Pi Hits Kickstarter Target

The LTE Raspberry Pi HAT for developing IoT applications is just that. Kickstarter fundraising goal (opens in new tab)The HAT, known as PiTalk, is compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi. (opens in new tab) From small Zero, except Compute Module and Picos (opens in new tab) On the powerful Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (opens in new tab).

(Image credit: Ravinder Singh)

Created by Ravinder Singh, an embedded systems engineer based in London, the HAT allows you to place your Pi out of Wi-Fi range (but it must be powered somehow). Built around the Quectel EG25-G Cat 4 module, capable of 150Mbps downstream, 50Mbps upstream, backwards compatible with previous network types, and also global positioning (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou/Compass, Galileo, QZSS) We support this.

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