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Fnirsi HS-01 Review: Smarter Soldering Iron

There are many smart soldering irons available today. “Smart” means it runs an operating system and has a temperature control system. The first smart soldering iron to come to us was Miniware’s TS100, followed soon after by Pine64’s Pinecil. pinesil v2. Mniware also has two smart soldering irons, the TS80P and TS101 And for a while it was the manufacturer’s pool of choice.

Fnirsi’s HS-01 is a $30 entry into the smart soldering iron scene and is in the same price range as the Pinecil, but how does it perform against the Pinecil compared to the best soldering irons and soldering stations? Will it work? To learn it, and learn more, I had to get a few more soldering kits and start building.

Specifications of Funilsi HS-01

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Power 65W (20V, 3.25A)
soldering iron tip HS01-BC2
screen 0.87 inch OLED
temperature Up to 420°C / 788°F
size 184×20mm

Fnirsi HS-01 look and feel

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