FTX Exploiter ups the ante with 200K ETH move

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Following the November 20th transfer of 50,000 Ethereum (ETH), the FTX Exploiter wallet moved a total of 195,000 ETH in 13 transactions through November 2nd.

Unlike the ETH spill on November 20th, 195,000 ETH was moved to 13 separate new wallets in 13 transactions of 15,000 ETH.

Of the 13 new wallet addresses, the hackers left 15,000 ETH in each of all but one of the new wallets. In the first of 13 transactions, a receiving account bridged ETH to renBTC, as seen on November 20th.


To keep track of recent ETH movements, we have listed 13 new wallet addresses below.

  • 1: 0x8059c2B8fF915eC4B615c95e719861f269d68aDa (Bridge ETH to BTC)
  • 2: 0x9B10ca213be20b8Bc2a398839Edd1F6406dc9B47
  • 3: 0xA122d2D3D147732e2b5Cce7d43A8c20e99C569F1
  • Four: 0x5ab55afcbFde83e0b3fBeff67Ed0dA73Ba7b629C
  • Five: 0xD53C2e2D17281487023C1e4433F7aC95B88D7277
  • 6: 0x7F3DeBBA84491401bD4fE51C1A1926B049189D57
  • 7: 0x3E957EfC6D1BF1d9141212269cD04855Ad92696e
  • 8: 0x52DA49C343dF2D1880Ec79Df9C89a962afC8691d
  • 9: 0x99072E1422377d808d5599A78Aa7e772B988C0FB
  • Ten: 0x44B53564B95530A0bC708900089E685EEF12fA6E
  • 11: 0xd11fD269ac6b602e42AbB6F0F186cD5B27180ffD
  • 12: 0xC0C847B14965df7e7EaA003eA987C6187211d85f
  • 13: 0x11133Bcf0EcbE48e74A4D787Bb047AA5Bc2C5Cab

To track down stolen Bitcoin (BTC), TheBlock VP of Research Larry Cermak created a list of 22 wallets holding $7.2 million in stolen BTC.

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