FTX hits Asian markets hard as Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan investors devastated – SlateAsia #1

Introducing SlateAsia, CryptoSlate’s new podcast focused on the Asian market in the cryptocurrency industry.

At CryptoSlate’s Akiba, Jason Fang of Sora Ventures will be joining us for our bi-weekly show where we’ll bring you all the latest news, events and market sentiment from across Asia.

Jason Fang is the Managing Partner of Sora Ventures, an Asian VC fund that has generated impressive profits from the cryptocurrency market over the past few years. Akiva (Liam Wright) is a senior journalist and editor. crypto slate; Host of SlateCast and advisor to projects throughout the web3 space.

In this week’s SlateAsia, Akiba and Jason covered the impact of FTX on Asian investors, the move to CBDC, increasing regulatory pressure, and upcoming crypto events in Taiwan.

Jason highlighted the huge impact the FTX debacle had on retail investors in Singapore, South Korea and Japan. Exchange failures hit some Asian countries harder than others in the world.

As Managing Partner of Sora Ventures, Jason is able to provide unique insight into the Asian market, which has historically been a successful performer for the crypto industry. Jason also provided his projections on how quickly the CBDC and Asian markets will recover from the current downturn.

The full episode is available above and you can also watch it directly on YouTube via the link below.

watch the full podcast here.

FTX hit the Asian market hard as investors from South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan were devastated – SlateAsia #1 first appeared on CryptoSlate.

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