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Major Marvel Snap Update Fixes the Pool 3 Climb, Adds Multiple New Cards

A new Marvel Snap update adds dozens of new cards and new ways to earn them.

Called The Power Cosmic, this update adds a slew of new cards, including Thanos, She-Hulk, and Galactus. Perhaps most important is the introduction of collector’s tokens.

“We will be patching at 3pm PT today!” said Marvel Snap creator Ben Broad. “When you log into the new patch, the game will check your collection level and award you with collector tokens. Have fun! I can’t wait to see what new decks you build!”

Collector’s Tokens are a completely new mechanism, should do it Makes putting the finishing touches on your modern deck a little easier.

The idea is simple. Players receive Collector’s Tokens by increasing their Collector’s Level, which can be used to purchase new cards in the store. Essentially, this is a new kind of currency, a neat way for him to pick up a card or two to complete a modern deck.

The number of collector tokens is based on collector level.

  • 500-999: 3000 tokens
  • 1000-2999: 6000 tokens
  • 3000 and above: 12,000 tokens

These tokens can be used on any card you see in the new token shop. A pool 3 card requires 1000 tokens, a pool 4 card requires 3000 tokens, and a pool 5 card requires 6000 tokens.

Best place? The climb to Pool 3 should be a little easier.

In Marvel Snap, players go through several pools of available cards, with Pool 3 being the most diverse and comprising a total of 74 cards. The combinations are almost endless, but it can be very difficult for players like me who just got out of Pool 2.

And with the sheer number of cards added to Pool 4, things only get worse.

New additions include Luke Cage, Absorbing Man, She-Hulk, Titania, Maria Hill, Agent Coulson, Helicarrier, M’Baku, Attuma, Orca, Bast, Shuri, Thanos, Galactus, Valkyrie, Super Skrull, Silver Surfer.

Unfortunately this patch also contains a nerf. Angela went from 2/1 to 2/0 and Mysterio went from 2/5 to 2/4. Sera went from her 5/5 to 5/4, and Onslaught’s impressive ability now stacks additively instead of exponentially.

It could be the worst day for the Kazoo Deck. But collector’s tokens definitely remove leveling bad luck.

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