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Galax Launches the First Dual 16-Pin 1300W Power Supply

Galax, a maker of PC graphics cards, components and peripherals, has entered the PSU market but hasn’t focused on the first dual 16-pin models to hit the confidently launch New 1300W Power Supply Release Joins Hall of Fame Premium Flagship Family with New 1300W Power Supply Galax Hall of Fame GH1300 PSUIn addition to its flagrant 1300W of power, this immaculate 80-Plus Platinum PSU is the first on the market to feature twin 16-pin power connectors. It also supports both ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0.

(Image credit: Galax)

The Galax RTX 4090 HOF was controversial when it was first spotted in early November, but its power and potential really caught our attention when it stormed the HWBot rankings later in the same month. It required 10 overclocks and benchmark world records, as documented by HWBot BlogIn some respects, however, its top performance is no surprise and it remains one of the strongest variants of the most powerful graphics card available.

Galax HOF GH1300 PSU

(Image credit: Galax)

Key specs of the Galax RTX 4090 HOF include a custom PCB and BIOS design that delivers up to 1000W. That’s 300-400W more than any rival. And for the first time ever, Galax’s attractive white PCB-constructed graphics card features two 16-pin power connectors to deliver the wattage you need. Galax therefore decided to create the most appropriate solution to his two 16-pin power connector requirements for graphics cards and added the GH1300 PSU to his HOF stable.

Swipe to scroll horizontally

Rated output


peak power



92%, 80Plus Platinum

ready for

ATX 3.0 ready, PCIe 5.0 ready


120 mm fan with zero RPM support and manual fan toggle



special features

Twin 12VHPWR connectors, all Japanese capacitors


10 years

Check out the image and table below for a full breakdown of the modular connectivity available to owners of this new PSU.

(Image credit: Galax)

Galax boasts that “no expense was spared” when building the HOF GH1300 PSU, but how much does it cost to the end user? Chinese retail listings list the PSU at 1899 RMB ($275) I discovered that This figure is shown as a promotional price, the normal regular price is 3199 RMB ($465), the Chinese consumer retail price should include his 13% VAT. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no sign of this his 1300W PSU in the official Galax store for the US.

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