German Police Investigate Rammstein Singer Over Sexual Assault Accusations

Lynn’s Twitter thread quickly gained traction, and as many as 50 other women reached out to share similar stories on social media, she said in a direct message exchange with the New York Times via Instagram. rice field. She posted part of the message, which removed her female name, to her own feed.

A number of major German news outlets have investigated and published evidence of a system of recruiting young women to backstage parties.Women Speaking anonymously to Die Welt He said he experienced symptoms that indicated he had been drugged after attending a rally. However, no one other than Ms. Lin agreed to be named in the complaint.

Next, German social media influencer Kaya Roska, 21, who posts as Kayla Shaxx, Posted my story on YouTube, Her channel has about 800,000 subscribers. In her 37-minute video, she says she was scouted to attend a backstage party for Rammstein’s concert in Berlin in June 2022. She had to hand her cell phone over to security and she was led to a room with a young woman, she said. She was offered alcohol and sandwiches and told to wait.

“We were only brought there so that Rammstein could choose for himself,” Roska texted a friend hours after the concert, according to screenshots shared in the video. . She said in the video that she left the party after realizing it.

Rammstein fansites and a Reddit thread dedicated to the band say that women interested in attending the band’s backstage parties can get in touch with Alena Makeeva, a Russian woman who calls herself Rammstein’s “casting director,” via Instagram. was well known. Both Lin and Roska said Makeeva invited them to attend the party.

Lin, whose social media posts ultimately led the Berlin investigation, said she was encouraged by the many women already speaking out. Lynn said in an Instagram direct message that “so many girls have already been victimized,” and she said the state attorney’s investigation will lead to more girls coming forward. added.

“I can’t imagine how many more there are,” she says. “I just want the girls who are so scared to know that they can trust me and believe that we can get justice.”

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