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MSI Launches Power Supply With Yellow Connectors to Prevent 16-Pin Connector Meltdowns

MSI is MAG GL power supplyThese new power supplies are PCIe 5.0 compatible and comply with the ATX 3.0 standard. In addition to meeting the new specification guidelines, it also has the added benefit of having yellow pin connectors on both ends of the cable. The idea behind this subtle change is to make it easier for users to see if the cable is fully inserted to prevent the meltdown of the 16 pin connector on one of the best graphics GeForce RTX 4090. and so on to prevent some common hardware failures. card.

According to MSI, users frequently report issues with power connectors burning when using them on newer high-end GPUs. Upon investigation, the team found that one of the most common causes of this issue was improperly connected cables. A new yellow pin connector makes it easy to see if the cable is fully plugged in when building your PC.

The new MAG GL series PSUs are designed to handle Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards. It is also compatible with Intel’s Power Supply Design Guide (PSDG) ATX 3.0 standard. This support is only waived if the power supply is not properly installed. This is always necessary, especially considering modern hardware demands.

(Image credit: MSI)

With the new ATX 3.0 standard, devices can withstand up to 2x total power fluctuation and 3x GPU power fluctuation when using a 16-pin connector. This reduces the need for additional adapters while still guaranteeing delivery of 600W. MAG GL power supplies feature a convenient modular design that aids in cable management.

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