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Google Gaming Chromebooks Flex GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Tech

Google is announced A new idea for success in the lucrative gaming market. Today, Google and his three hardware partners unveiled “the world’s first laptop built for cloud gaming,” aka Gaming Chromebook. With Google Stadia’s death sentence confirmed, the cloud gaming services the new product will adopt are Nvidia’s GeForce Now (pre-installed), Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming (web app beta in preparation), and Amazon Luna (currently Continental US only).

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The reasoning behind gaming Chromebooks is that Google has established Chromebooks as the go-to device for people who want “fast, secure and easy to use” computing. With compact, robust hardware more readily available than ever before, Google and its partners are offering fast, easy access to gaming features and “cutting-edge graphics via the cloud.” He wants to expand his Chromebook world with. Google boasts that the Gaming Chromebook’s compatibility with the aforementioned services gives owners access to a library of up to 1,500 games at their fingertips.

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