Hackers have stolen $2.98B via exploits in the crypto industry so far


The cryptocurrency space lost nearly $2.98 billion. DeFi Nearly double the $1.55 billion lost in 2021, according to recent reports. report By blockchain security company PeckShield.

In October, nearly $760 million was stolen in 44 hacks across 53 protocols. This is the worst month for cryptocurrency hacks in 2022.

March was the second-worst month, following April in terms of hacking losses. In total, this two-month hack cost him $1.18 billion to the protocol.

Worst hack of 2022

According to Peckshield’s report, October’s worst breaches were BNB chain Exploits that led to theft by hackers $590 million from the network. However, his BNB his chain was frozen shortly after the news broke, which only got the hackers around $100 million and prevented the attackers from moving most of their assets off-chain.

Another DeFi exploit that made headlines was MNGO protocol violation, a hacker took a big position on MNGO-PERP and counter-traded himself. This equates to approximately $100 million worth of assets.

However, the most significant exploit of the year was Ronin Bridge,this is $625 million In terms of funds, out of the $710 million stolen by hackers in March, the Wormhole Bridge exploit was the second largest attack, with hackers siphoning over $320 million in wrapped ETH from the Wormhole protocol. rice field.

Most of the large-scale attacks this year have targeted DeFi protocols, which is a concern for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. report from Barons.

Hackers targeted centralized exchanges for most of 2019. However, in the last 22 months, a hacker has misused his DeFi platform to steal around $6.7 billion.

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