Icon of the Seas: Royal Caribbean Bets on Huge Candy-Colored Cruise Ship

It will be a while before the Icon of the Seas, which sets sail early next year, disappears from the horizon. At 1,198 feet in length and 250,800 gross tonnage, she is hard to miss.

Royal Caribbean cruise ships feature 20 decks packed with over 20 bars and restaurants, 7 pools, 9 Jacuzzis, 6 waterslides, plus mini golf, rock climbing and an arcade. With a maximum of 7,960 passengers, a maximum of 5,610 passengers and a crew of 2,350 she is responsible for pouring drinks, flipping covers, cleaning decks and keeping the ship on course.

Since Royal Caribbean unveiled its newest ship last year, strong pre-booking demand has contributed to an increase in revenue for the company.

It has also become an object of fascination (and disdain) on social media.

Some can’t wait to board the ship, and the ship’s first voyage rooms are already sold out. However, he criticized its size and bright colors, saying,monsterOne critic called the artist’s rendering “candy crush version The dystopian underworld of Apple TV+’s sci-fi series Silo.

Some critics have compared it to the ill-fated ocean liners of the past, noting that it is five times larger.Bigger and heavier than the Titanic’ and about 300 feet longer.

Royal Caribbean bills are old wonder of the sea as the “largest ship in the world”. When the new one is completed, it will be 10 feet longer, heavier, carry more people, and possibly boast as the world’s largest.

Royal Caribbean said: statement Last month, Icon of Seas passed its first sea trials, sailing in open waters near Turku, Finland for the first time. The company said she plans to test the vessel again later this year, ahead of its debut in January.

Interest in the ship comes as the cruise industry recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, which caused multiple outbreaks on board, prompting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to denounce the industry and ban the cruise. .

But now, sailing has resumed and vacationers are back on the water, even though the industry still faces health and environmental concerns.

For example, this year the CDC recorded: 13 cases of norovirus on cruise shipfour of which are on Royal Caribbean International cruises.

And environmental activists like Mercy Kieber, program director for oceans and ships at Friends of the Earth in Washington, argue cruise lines “continue to build bigger ships.” . It relies on fossil fuels, dumps toxic wastewater into the ocean and burdens coastal communities with air, water and trash pollution. ”

Royal Caribbean submitted a request for comment to the company on Tuesday for more details about the ship. website. The company said it could not comment on environmental concerns, citing the need for a quiet period in preparation for its next earnings report.

However, the company touts the impact of Icon of the Seeds on its revenue already, stating: statement It said that pre-bookings in the first quarter were “significantly higher” than in the first quarter of 2019.

Royal Caribbean Group President and Chief Executive Officer Jason Liberty said during a May earnings call that Icon of the Seas will be “significantly more successful” in its inaugural season than “other Royal Caribbean launch vessels.” “We have a lot of reservations,” he said.

Michael Bailey, president and chief executive officer of Royal Caribbean International, said in a conference call that the ship is “the most successful new product launch in the history of our business. raised,” he said.

“It’s really driving huge demand,” Bailey said.

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