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WD Blue SN580 2TB SSD Review: More of the Same

The WD Blue SN580 is the perfect low-cost NVMe SSD that takes the winning formula and makes it even better. With a decent range of capacities and solid support, it performs well enough, making it a strong contender for our list of the best SSDs. It’s relatively efficient, and its single-sided design makes it perfect for laptops. It’s nothing new, but if the price is right, it’s an easy buy for a budget drive if you’re looking for a cheap upgrade that won’t disappoint.

the success of Blue SN570 and Black SN770 WD has inspired the former to revamp with the Blue SN580. The SN580 is essentially an updated SN570, just like the SN570 has been updated. Blue SN550inherited from Blue SN500. SN550 was very popular, but then WD appeared changed That flush changes performance negatively. Now back to the SN580. The SN580 migrates to the PCIe 4.0 interface for more bandwidth, uses a new caching scheme for better burst performance, and generally keeps or improves on the SN570 in every way.

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