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Intel Dishes Out Game and App Codes Bundle for PCs With Arc GPUs

Intel is preparing to push Arc Alchemist discrete graphics through a tried and tested software bundle promotion method. Intel’s bundle looks generous with a selection of 3 of his latest 4 games and 5 apps. However, you’ll need to buy both an Intel Arc GPU and a high-end 12th Gen Core ‘Alder Lake’ CPU to qualify for the bundle.

The bundle was spotted by a Twitter leakster, so it may have come a little earlier than Intel planned. momomo_us via orphan Terms of use pageIntel’s promotion seems to be called the “Intel Software Advantage Program”. Despite initial plans for Arc to launch in late 2021, it will likely help Intel shift its Arc Alchemist GPUs into a difficult market. A system before Raptor Lake CPUs and systems were widely available.

This promotion applies to three desktop GPUs that have not yet been released (Intel Arc A770, Arc A750, and Arc A580) and mobile GPUs starting with the A550M. For desktop users, the Core i5-12600K/KF is the cheapest processor (or system with a processor) to qualify for the Intel Software Advantage Program. 12th Gen Core i7 and newer processors are also eligible for bundling with any Arc GPU.

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The promotional software bundle looks pretty generous. Four games to choose from: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (US$69.99), Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed (US$39.99), Gotham Knights (US$59.99), Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodhunt (US$20.00). Plus choose 3 out of 5 apps: PowerDirector 365 (US$69.99), D5 Render (US$114.00 subscription), MAGIX Video Pro X14 (US$60.00 subscription), Topaz Gigapixel AI (US$99.99) and XSplit Premium Suite I can do it. (US$60.00 subscription). Subscriptions are for one year. That could be $189.97 for free games, $189.99 to $283.98 for software, or at least $379.96 total with MSRP.

It’s interesting to see in the small print on the T&Cs that the qualifying period has already started on August 25th. It’s no surprise that Intel wants to start the period early. When will cards like the Arc A750 and A770 actually be available for purchase?His T&Cs from Intel indicate that it will be before his December 31st when the promotional period ends. The redemption period allows the purchaser an additional month to select promotional software gifts. Based on a recent interview, it seems likely that the Intel Arc A770 and A750 will arrive at retail stores by October.

As with all promotions, please take care to select qualified products from qualified retailers in qualified territories.

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