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Intel Foundry and Arm to Collaborate on 1.8nm Mobile SoCs

Arm and Intel Foundry Services Wednesday announced Design Technology Co-Optimization (DTCO) and System Technology Co-Optimization (STCO) for Arm’s mobile IP on Intel 18A manufacturing technology (1.8nm class). This plan will enable Arm and IFS clients to maximize performance, reduce power consumption, and optimize die size for upcoming SoCs containing Arm’s IP.

Under the agreement, Intel Foundry Services and Arm will jointly optimize Arm’s IP and Intel’s 18A manufacturing process to improve the performance, power, area and cost advantages of the new node. The two companies will initially focus on mobile SoC designs, but may eventually expand their cooperation to automotive, aerospace, data centers, Internet of Things, and government applications. As part of the deal, Arm and IFS will develop reference designs and optimized process developer kits for mobile SoCs.

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