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Intel Ponte Vecchio Seemingly Offers 2.5x Higher Performance Than Nvidia’s A100

Intel detailed its Ponte Vecchio Xe-HPC GPUs at Hot Chips 34. In the benchmarks provided, the chipmaker claims the Ponte Vecchio offers up to 2.5x more performance than his Nvidia A100. However, as a convention, add a little salt to vendor-supplied benchmarks.

The Ponte Vecchio significantly outperformed the A100 on several Intel-selected benchmarks. The Intel powerhouse also boasted a 2x lead in miniBUDE and a 1.5x lead in ExaSMR. It’s an interesting comparison considering the Ponte Vecchio hasn’t launched yet and the A100 (Ampere) has been on the market since his 2020. Also, do not forget that AMD’s Instinct MI250X (Aldebaran) is reported to be 3 times faster than he A100. So Intel should be worried about next-generation HPC products from AMD and Nvidia.

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