Jack Dorsey retains voting power at Twitter fuelling rumors of crypto integration


Ann SEC filing Jack Dorsey reveals he still owns 2.4% of Twitter after buying Elon Musk. Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, said he left the company in November 2021, just 19 days after bitcoin reached a record high of $69,061.

Dorsey is the current CEO of Block, the parent company of Square, CashApp, Spiral, Tidal, and TBD. Music service Tidal is the only company in the group that does not directly connect to Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. All other companies are deeply rooted in blockchain technology.

Rumors are circulating about the possibility of Musk introducing cryptocurrency payments within the Twitter app. Musk’s passion for Dogecoin and the revelation that Binance pledged his $500 million to purchase laid the groundwork for this theory.

However, Dorsey’s internal voting rights may be the most important indicator that the platform can integrate blockchain technology in the future. Musk is currently reworking the Twitter verification system, and one Twitter user suggested using her ENS domain as a way to manage verification.

watcher guru report Its Twitter verified status is available for $20 per month. The community is now discussion Whether payments in cryptocurrencies, specifically Doge, are allowed.

Jack Dorsey often saw As bitcoin’s maxi, it will be interesting to see how involved he will be in conversations about Twitter and crypto. However, SEC filings confirmed that he retained his 18,042,428 voting rights.

Dorsey is actively working on what he calls “web5.” This is a Bitcoin-powered ecosystem led by a division of the block called TBD. His one such product is his web5 app. Zion, a social media platform that could rival Twitter. Dorsey shared a blog post about Zion v2, stating, “Imagine a new world where you can leave Twitter and Instagram and take away all connection with yourself.”

Dorsey’s potential role at Twitter under Musk’s leadership is therefore unclear at this time.Several outlet Advertised Dorsey against Musk, apparently in a social media rivalry.But this pair always get along Publish and share some similar views on blockchain technology.

On the 2021 “B Word” podcast, Dorsey and Musk discussed Bitcoin with ArkInvest’s Kathy Wood, but there were no noticeable signs of revenge.In addition, Dorsey was willing to hold the stake rolling Consolidating them into a new company saved Musk about $1 billion.

It will be interesting to see how the relationship evolves if Dorsey’s Zion v2 continues to maintain its position as Twitter’s direct rival. But given Musk’s reputation for breaking the status quo, who knows what the future holds for Zion and Twitter.

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