Jeffrey Epstein Acted Like an Adviser to JPMorgan Executive

James E. Staley, the former chief executive of JPMorgan Chase and the bank’s closest financier to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, trusted him for years as something of a personal advisor. made clear in the documentation.

In emails, the two men discussed a wide range of topics, including potential meetings between Chinese officials and executives of China’s biggest bank, business deals Mr. Staley is working on, a possible promotion for Mr. Staley and the aftermath of 2008. . The financial crisis has played a role, according to documents the bank produced shortly after Epstein was arrested on federal sex trafficking charges in 2019.

The documents, which were scrutinized by The New York Times and included as sealed evidence in court filings, also revealed the personal nature of Staley and Epstein’s relationship. Staley said he would like to see Epstein on numerous occasions, talking about his mutual friend and helping his daughter go to graduate school.

In an email, Staley boasted to Epstein about his plans for New Year’s Eve 2011. Please have a good year. “

In a separate email exchange, Staley wrote to Epstein in 2010, according to the documents. It was fun. Say hello to Snow White. Epstein replied, “What character do you want next?” In 2009, Epstein sent Staley an email with a photo of a “young woman posing as a model in skimpy clothing,” according to the documents.

Staley, better known as Jess, is at the center of two civil lawsuits filed against JPMorgan last year over Epstein’s nearly 15-year business relationship with JPMorgan. In the lawsuit, JP Morgan turned a blind eye to accusations that Epstein was trafficking teen girls and young people, and was accused of soliciting prostitution from teen girls in 2008. After pleading guilty, he claims he continued to do so even when he had to register as a sex offender. .

Staley has repeatedly denied in court documents that Epstein sexually abused young women and teenage girls while he was a bank customer, and that he cheated or was aware of it. A lawyer for Staley did not respond to a request for comment. JP Morgan also said it had no knowledge of Epstein’s activities, and this year could face liability for damages that banks may ultimately pay if Staley is found to have engaged in inappropriate activities. and filed a lawsuit against Mr. Staley for allegations of sexual misconduct. .

The 22-page document also summarizes other emails related to correspondence between Epstein and other JP Morgan employees.

In some emails, Epstein referred to all the rich and famous people he met or talked to, including Prince Andrew. He spoke of his connections with British politicians and Middle Eastern leaders. He also cited an art deal he claims helped complete Wall Street billionaire investor Leon Black. Black, also a longtime aide to Epstein, paid him $158 million for tax and financial advice.

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