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Kioxia and WD Unveil World’s Fastest 3D NAND Flash Memory

Kioxia and Western Digital clearly The jointly developed 8th generation BiCS 3D NAND memory device features 218 active layers. This new IC boasts a record-breaking 3200 MT/s interface speed, allowing developers to build high performance storage his subsystems (such as the industry’s fastest client SSD) using fewer 3D NAND chips. To achieve 3200 MT/s I/O, both companies took a page from his YMTC’s Xtacking book.

The first 8th generation BiCS 3D TLC NAND devices announced this week feature 1Tb (128GB) capacity, a 4-plane architecture that maximizes internal parallelism and performance, and interface speeds of 3200 MT/s (peak sequential read /write). 400 MB/s speed). Kioxia and Western Digital are the first 3D NAND makers in the world to unveil their 3200 MT/s I/O flash memory IC, leading their competitors by 33%.

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