MetaMask warns of fake token launch campaign


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Popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask warned against issuing fake $MASK tokens. March 28th.

Metamask says no token launch

MetaMask says rumors are circulating that they will perform an official token snapshot or airdrop on March 31st. [also] Because it allows scammers and phishers to target crypto users.

Meanwhile, MetaMask software developer Dan Finlay said, said “A bunch of people who don’t know what they’re talking about” is what causes the hype about the supposed airdrop. He warned that the scammers “will probably turn up around that time.”

The rumor appears to have originated from a social media account named “eezzy” around March 26th, before being widely circulated by the leader of Degenscan. serp1337.

These rumors cited what appeared to be insider information suggesting that MetaMask would take a snapshot of user transactions on March 31st ahead of the 2024 airdrop. It’s not clear that the initial rumors were spread for fraudulent purposes, as they didn’t ask for money to be sent to a specific address.

In any case, MetaMask does not have a native token and is not planning to launch anytime soon, despite all the speculations and suggestions to the contrary.

Metamask Token Rumors Are Not New

The MetaMask token has been rumored for some time. In fact, this possibility may have been first fueled by the leader of his ConsenSys, MetaMask’s parent company.

In November 2021, ConsenSys co-founder and CEO Joseph Lubin appeared to hint at the token launch, writing on Twitter: stay tuned. “Later, Decrypt reported that Lubin confirmed in March 2022 that MetaMask intended to issue the token. It was taken as evidence of the launch.

Previous statements appear to have led to at least one actual scam. In December 2021, we saw an attacker take over a decentralized exchange and fake the existence of a WETH/MASK trading pair to steal funds from hundreds of users.

An unrelated MetaMask scam involving address poisoning also occurred in January. Wallets, like many other wallets, are also often targeted in phishing campaigns.

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