MicroStrategy will launch Bitcoin Lightning enterprise plugin in 2023

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MicroStrategy executive chairman Michael Saylor said on Dec. 28 that his company plans to introduce a Lightning Network-based product in 2023.

and twitter space During the conversation, Saylor explained that MicroStrategy’s experience building a massively deployable plugin motivated him to create a similar tool for the Lightning Network, a network that can process Bitcoin transactions cheaply and efficiently. said it became

He said he explained the company’s reasoning as follows:

“What if we could actually create a deployable lightning wallet for an enterprise on one side, and an enterprise server on the other side that could be used to monetize any website?”

For example, businesses can use the Lightning plugin to give small amounts of bitcoin (satoshi) to new users who apply for a credit card online, Thaler said. He added that companies can even offer rewards to their millions of existing users.

He further suggested that Lightning wallets could be used to create paywalls and corporate security walls, requiring micropayments to access private content.

Thaler emphasized MicroStrategy’s desire to make the solution work at scale.

“We want any company to launch a Lightning Wallet and Lightning Wallet architecture in the afternoon and have it [thousands or millions of people]”

Saylor confirmed that MicroStrategy has a team actively working on the Lightning product. He said the company hopes to launch the product in 2023 and hopes to showcase the product at some point in the first quarter of this year.

He also said MicroStrategy plans to expand the agenda of the Bitcoin for Corporations conference to include Lightning Network. MicroStrategy provides training and other resources to help other companies adopt Lightning.

During the conversation Thaler distinguished between Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. He said he sees Bitcoin as a “base layer” and an ideological and economic investment, and Lightning as an “Internet of money” and a technological investment.

Thaler previously endorsed the Lightning Network in September, hinting at his company’s use of the tool at the time. The company also tried to hire engineers to build the Lightning Network that same month.

Thaler also revealed today that MicroStrategy has purchased 2,500 BTC ($).41.5 million), bringing the total holdings to 132,500 BTC ($2.2 billion). The company currently holds more Bitcoin than any other publicly traded company.

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