‘Millie Lies Low’ Review: An Unexpected Staycation

of “millie liesMillie (Anna Scotney), an aspiring architect living in Wellington, New Zealand, has a panic attack just before her plane takes off. After her disembarkation, she found it no longer possible to pay for her travel to New York, where she was trying to get an internship at a prestigious company.

It does not matter. Millie is already a seasoned con artist. She stole an idea from her best friend Carolyn (Gillian Nguyen) to get her scholarship. So use her technology to maintain her illusion of crossing the date line on time. She video calls her friends (forgetting to account for the length of her flight and the time difference) and fakes pictures of herself standing near Times Square or the Empire State Building. .

Wellington with steep hills. Private cable car It’s a circular natural harbor, and if you shoot it upside down or upside down, you wouldn’t think it’s New York. Millie’s act becomes even more dramatic when she stakes out a location and tents near her mother’s house to steal Wi-Fi. . In her first feature film, director Michelle Saville expressed Millie’s motives as self-destructive but understandable. Scottney never seeks her sympathy, but he plays her well.

But given that Millie starts out as a building plagiarist and moves into clowning as the film progresses (stealing her boyfriend’s passport and kidnapping her own pet bunny), it’s time to try and redeem her. The screenwriting effort to do so faces a difficult uphill. Ultimately, the film effortlessly brushes aside the potential interpersonal harm Millie caused.

millie lies
Unrated. Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes. at the theater.

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