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The Sims 5 Will Seemingly Adopt a Fortnite Monetisation Model

EA appears to be creating The Sims 5, or Project Rene as it is now officially known, as a free-to-play game that allows for user-generated content with a monetization model similar to Fortnite.

according to reports sims communityEA posted a job listing for a head of marketplace and monetization for Project Rene, describing the project as a “free to join” game.

Candidate “owns pricing for all content in this free-to-play game, ensuring optimal pricing and content architecture.” [and] Provide guidance to content teams on in-game content needs to meet player demand.

Another responsibility he mentioned was managing the in-game marketplace and user-generated content. Candidates will “own Project Rene content and UGC (free and paid) in-game marketplaces, manage data-driven, player-centric player buying processes, maximize value for players, and understand player spending patterns. to minimize player dropout.”

EA released Roblox-inspired Fortnite Creative 2.0 in March. It allows players, free or paid, to create their own content for others to use. The monetization model described in the job posting is very similar, with the basic version of The Sims 5 being a free-to-play game with additional purchases for those who want to buy new homes, clothes, etc. It suggests that it may be a possible game.

IGN reached out to EA for comment on the monetization of Project Rene.

This upcoming Sims game will be announced in October 2022, and the name Rene stands for rebirth, renaissance, and rebirth, and was chosen to “represent the developers’ renewed commitment to a brighter future for The Sims.” I was.

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