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Nvidia H100 ‘Hopper’ Benchmark Results Published

MLCommons, an industry group dedicated to artificial intelligence performance evaluation and machine learning hardware, Added result It added the latest artificial AI and ML accelerators to its database and essentially published the first performance numbers for Nvidia’s H100 and Biren’s BR104 computing GPUs through a series of industry-standard tests. The results were compared to those obtained with Intel’s Sapphire Rapids, Qualcomm’s AI 100, and Sapeon’s X220.

MLCommons’ MLPerf helps organizations deliver hardware test results MLPerf databaseThe MLPerf Inference version 2.1 set of benchmarks includes data center and edge usage scenarios, as well as image classification (ResNet 50 v1.5), natural language processor (BERT Large), speech recognition (RNN-T), medical imaging (3D) and other workloads. U-Net), Object Detection (RetinaNet), Recommended (DLRM).

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