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Nvidia RTX 30-Series Ranks First in Latest Steam Survey

monthly Steam Hardware Survey (opens in new tab) It provides insight into current gaming trends, showing you which products are gaining momentum and which are losing momentum. Statistical methods can be a bit opaque, but for now this is the best. August 2022 marks some important milestones in the GPU space and some notable trends in the CPU and OS space. Sprinkle with salt if necessary, but now it looks like this:

Nvidia RTX 30 Series Takes Pole Position

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Starting with the best graphics cards, or at least the most popular options, we used the following data: Steam’s API page (opens in new tab) This is because it is more granular than the main GPU page. We also normalized the column values ​​based on the totals, so all columns sum to 100%. (Without that adjustment, the column sum would be somewhere between 90.05% and 92.92%. This could be due to OS differences or other factors not immediately apparent.)

I have two big news. For starters, the Nvidia RTX 30-series cards surpassed other GPU families in overall survey share for the first time. Combined, all RTX 30-series GPUs accounted for 21.65% of the August total, a 1.90% increase compared to the July data. On the flip side, the GTX 10 series dropped by 2.15% from him and is currently stuck at 22.09%, but is still the second most popular GPU family. AMD’s RX 6000 series also showed him a slight rise of 0.03%, taking him to 1.84% overall. Declines were seen across all other GPU families.

(Before you ask: Yes, technically the RTX 20 series and GTX 16 series could be grouped under Turing’s banner. The problem is that the feature sets are completely different. RTX 20 is DXR and DLSS but not GTX 16, so we consider them a separate family.)

Another big news is that Nvidia’s GTX 1060 no longer ranks as the most popular single GPU. Well, technically, he still ranks first with 6.88% of the PCs surveyed, but the GTX 1650 has also risen to the top slot. More notably, the GTX 1060 is down 0.53% compared to his July, while the GTX 1650 is up 0.07%.

The RTX 3060 was the GPU with the biggest increase in share over the past month, with a 0.77% increase. “AMD Radeon Graphics” showed his second largest increase with 0.44%. The name could apply to various integrated graphics solutions, possibly including Valve’s own Steam Deck. The RTX 3050 climbed 0.31% to put him in third place. However, there’s plenty of room for variation, as evidenced by Intel’s UHD Graphics 620 ranking his fourth with a 0.23% share increase.

Major changes in OS share and CPU manufacturers

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