Polygon co-founder addresses criticisms the project is just as bad as Solana

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Co-Founder of Polygon Sundeep Nail Wall Continued defense against “ecosystem” A person who feels defeated and jealous. “

The comment was motivated by a tweet from Mart MumtazThe co-founder and CEO of Helius Labs, he said Polygon received more VC funding than Solana and used the money to “pay people to buy companies using the chain.” pointed out.

Helius Create an application programming interface (API) that simplifies on-chain data for Solana developers. The idea behind this is to make the development of Solana projects faster and more efficient.

Porygon is worse than Solana, claims Mumtaz

Since the demise of FTX, the narrative around Solana has taken a huge hit.

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) was in favor of Solana taking over Ethereum.This is a SOL-based Serum DEX Enhances chain reach and appeal.

Bankruptcy filing shows exchange holds $982 million The value of SOL on the balance sheet. But recently appointed CEO John Ray III, who was brought in to “clean up” the company, said the utter failure of corporate control he inherited meant he was lacking. rice field. believe Accuracy of financial statements.

Mumtaz thought it appropriate to point out the points Polygon received. $50 million It’s part of FTX’s sister company, Alameda, but it doesn’t have the reputation of Solana.

Additionally, the same arguments applied to Polygon make the situation even worse, Mumtaz said, addressing major criticisms posed against Solana, such as conflicts of interest and centralization issues through VCs.

nailwall disagrees

In reply to Mumtaz, nail wall When I said “Polygon won”, I didn’t mean to swing VC money to buy goodwill. Instead, “won” is “power and pull Ethereum. ”

He said the entity wants to be built on Ethereum.It’s not a half-baked L1. Simply put, Polygon’s appeal is to provide access to the Ethereum chain.

On the issue of VC clout, Mailwal said the investment was made when Polygon was valued at $8 billion.This is because the VC Five% of MATIC token supply.

The thread ended with Nailwal acknowledging that a perfect ecosystem does not exist. However, he prefers to focus on improving and encouraging others rather than badmouthing his competitors.

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