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What You Need To Know About the New Combat Runner: Ninja Must Die

Ninja Must Die is a fast-paced mobile game that is easy to learn and hard to master. iOS When android Device of December 14th. From his style of ink painting to intriguing mysteries to the chance to defeat bosses with friends, Ninja Must Die has options for every type of gamer.

Pre-registration is currently underway alongside closed beta testing on Android. Here are six top reasons why you should check out Ninja Must Die when it’s available in the near future.

Easy to learn, a rewarding challenge to master

Beginners can rest easy knowing that the team at Pandada Games designed Ninja Must Die to be easily accessible for players trying the game for the first time. Controls put everything from ninja action to the art of ninjutsu at your fingertips.

But don’t think this trip isn’t for those looking for a challenge. The controls are easy to learn, and progress is accessible for those looking for a more relaxing gameplay session, but if you’re willing to climb to the top of the leaderboards and discover all the secrets Ninja Must Die holds, You will understand. Being a ninja is no easy task.

A new take on the combat runner genre

We all know how Combat Runner works. But Ninja Must Die wants to break the mold and create a new genre of its own inspired by other outstanding games that defined the genre. Ninja Must Die is a mix of lightning-fast side-scrolling running and furious action that will keep you running again and again.

As players race through each level of Ninja Must Die, they must not only run and avoid obstacles that fall in their path, but must also fight, dodge, and conquer powerful attacks and threats that come with the game. Skill changes that change the tide of battle.

Oh, and did I mention there’s a dragon you can ride?

Ninja Must Die features a unique cast of characters.

At first glance, Ninja Must Die may look like a combat runner whose only goal is to score as many points as possible before reaching the next level. But there is more than meets the eye! Ninja Must Die is full of unique characters, his cast and a story that will captivate you from the beginning.

When playing Ninja Must Die, players can choose between Kuro, Rin, Riki, and Souga. Each comes from their own faction and works with special elements.

Kuro grew up in a ninja village and dreams of becoming a great ninja, using the power of fire to defeat enemies and complete missions.

Rin came from the remote and uninhabitable Jade Fox Snow Mountains and in doing so learned how to survive impossible situations. It uses the power of to remove all obstacles.

Riki is a panda who practices and believes in the ninja spirit and serves as the young master of Bamboo Village. rice field.

Souga is a super-elite ninja from the Cloud Country who wears a mask in honor of his deceased loved ones. He is a formidable warrior who uses the wind to subdue his enemies.

As players complete levels, they learn more about the characters, the world, and, of course, advance the story. The story of Ninja Must Die begins 300 years ago, in an era of peace between shinobi and samurai lords after the war of the demons.

However, the samurai eventually became the supreme ruler of the land, and the ninja disappeared for years after clashes between the two factions. Not only that, but there are rumors that the evil Ghost Clan is also preparing for its revival…

3v3 battles that will test even the strongest warriors

In addition to the main story, Ninja Must Die features multiplayer 3v3 battles that will test the skills of even the most experienced players. Instead of facing off against AI enemies, players must come up with strategies to outwit other players and win over their fellow warriors.

The multiplayer component of Ninja Must Die is designed so that no battle is truly lost. It’s a lot of work, but there are ways players can get out of the brink of defeat and emerge victorious. For example, by using ninjutsu skills, players can use sealed cards to interfere with their opponent’s skills and abilities. If a player uses powerful abilities like his Blinding + Bat Trap at the right time, it might ensure legendary victory.

Beyond competition, Ninja Must Die encourages friendship and teamwork

Ninja Must Die has a clan system where friends and newbies can team up to earn rewards they couldn’t achieve on their own. The game’s master can not only forge new friendships through gameplay, but also teach new apprentices his Ninja Must Die methods. Doing so will prepare even more players for the toughest battles in the game.

Some of these challenges include boss fights that reward the best team with some of the best rewards the game has to offer. Encourages you to play games on and get well rewarded for doing so.

The Ninja Must Die Arrives iOS When android It will be released on the device on December 14th and pre-registration has already started on both platforms.Follow their game for more info Official website, twitter, Facebook, YoutubeWhen discord.

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