Popcast Mailbag! Frank Ocean, Peso Pluma, A.I. Grimes and More

The Popcast staff gather for the semi-annual Mailbag episode, which touches on many of today’s most pressing pop music issues, including the controversy surrounding Frank Ocean’s Coachella set. A challenge faced by even the biggest pop stars (Sam Smith, Miley Cyrus) trying to chase a blockbuster single. The sudden arrival of artificial intelligence in pop music and the evolution of the notion of authorship. Amazing recent growth in the popularity and visibility of Musica Mexicana and Coridos his Tumbados, with stars such as Grupo his Frontera and Peso his Pluma. And how genre frameworks continue to be relevant in the world of universal jukeboxes.

The guests:

  • Jon Pareles, Chief Pop Music Critic at The New York Times

  • Joe Coscarelli, pop music reporter for the New York Times

  • Lindsey Zolaz, New York Times pop music critic

  • Caryn Ganz, pop music editor at The New York Times

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