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Raijintek Zofos Ultra Boasts Fourteen 3.5-Inch Drive Bays

Case and cooling specialists Raijintek have decided to go big with their latest PC chassis release.of Raisintech Xophos Ultra A full-tower case will barely fit under a standard desk that’s less than two feet high and deep. However, power users will find the Zofos Ultra appealing thanks to its impressive cooling performance and max compatibility figures, as well as the headlining feature that comfortably fits up to 14 of his 3.5-inch drives. maybe.

The Raijintek Zofos Ultra should be described in terms of its enormous size and capacity. The case measures 254 x 598 x 597 mm and has a volume of just over 45 liters. A standard desk height is about 720mm from floor to top of the desk, but a smaller desk may only be 600mm from front to back. Still, placing it under your desk makes it easier to reach the I/O ports mounted in the upper right corner of Zofos Ultra. However, when you put this case next to your monitor, the I/O ports are hidden from view and only within easy reach when you’re seated. Zofos Ultra weighs 17 kg (37.5 lbs) unattended.

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