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Raspberry Pi BMO Plays Games and Accepts Voice Commands

this is raspberry pi Come grab your friends! One of his parts of the Pi community that we’d like to see is the side that participates in creating props. Manufacturers have shown serious creativity over the years when it comes to bringing things from your favorite media franchises into the real world like this. diehard RFID reader or this simpsons tv replica. Today I am sharing another cool prop creation from the maker known as Goguigo_Tatolino on Reddit. Using our favorite SBC of his, he created a custom BMO gaming system that doubles as a functional desktop.

BMO is a character from the Cartoon Network series adventure time. The show allows BMO to play games and interact with the cast by talking and walking around. Gameboy-like protagonists are seen playing video games using the BMO as a console. This BMO game system has his Raspberry Pi inside and also features a screen to switch sides of BMO.

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