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Raspberry Pi E Ink Frames Keep Loved Ones Connected

Digital photo frames are cool enough on their own, but what if you could submit a new photo every day? raspberry pi plan.Using our favorite SBC of his, he made what he said Dispatch Pi– A way to send your fiancé a new photo every day with a text overlay with a custom message.

This project was created using a Raspberry Pi and two custom digital photo frames with E Ink display panels. The Pi will be on the internet all day, fetching and loading new images from specific email addresses. This will allow you to send new photos to each other every day by simply sending a custom message to overlay as an attachment.

This project also includes an iPhone shortcut to make the process easier. According to Simard-Hanley, each sender utilizes a custom iPhone shortcut to initiate an email that sends an image and custom his text. It’s possible to recreate this project without using shortcuts, but this feature makes the process a little easier to use.

(Image credit: Olivier Simard-Hanley)

It doesn’t take a lot of hardware to recreate this project, and it leaves room for flexibility even if you don’t have the same components. In this case, Simard-Hanley uses two Raspberry Pi Zeros, but if all he has is his Pi 3B or 4, it’s fine to use a Pi 3B or 4. He uses two of his 7.5 inch Waveshare E Ink displays, but any of his eInk panels will work instead. You can also work around it by using a non-eInk screen.

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