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Raspberry Pi Pico Docking Station Displays Handheld Retro Game Data

lots of cool stuff raspberry pi A gaming handheld that has been around for years. We really appreciate Retro Light CM4 It’s made by a company called StonedEdge. This handheld is similar to the Nintendo Switch, but instead has a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 inside and runs RetroPie. Today I’d like to introduce a new accessory he made using Raspberry Pi components (powered by RP2040). docking station.

The docking station is designed so that you can charge your Retro Lite CM4 while it is in the station. StonedEdge says it works on his other Linux-based RetroPie systems as well. It also has a small screen so you can see stats about your play history and see game stats based on what you’re playing at the moment.

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