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Razer Stream Controller X Review: Looks Familiar

Razer is all about streaming and content creation these days (who isn’t?), and it looks like they’re targeting Elgato directly with their latest streaming decks. In fact, when I first saw the new Razer Stream Controller X, I thought Razer had ditched his partnership with Loupedeck and turned to Elgato (but Elgato is owned by a quasi-rival gaming company). I realized that it doesn’t make much sense because of that). pirates). But the new stream controller X is Elgart Stream Deck MK.2?

This is the second collaboration between Razer and Finnish streaming deck maker Loupedeck. Razer Stream Controller (released in July 2022) One of Loupedeck’s existing consoles, the new stream controller X looks like a brand new product. (Well, it looks a lot like Elgato’s MK.2, so it’s brand new.) The Stream Controller X is a small, chunky deck with 15 tactile LCD buttons. It’s powered by Loupedeck’s software, comes with a removable magnetic stand and replaceable magnetic faceplate, and is available now for $149.99.

Stream controller X design

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