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Final Fantasy 16 Showcase: Everything Announced at Sony State of Play

An all-new PlayStation State of Play had arrived, and it was entirely Final Fantasy 16-focused. This presentation was intended to learn more about the game world, as we already know it is set to release on PlayStation 5 on June 22nd, 2023. Epic Akon battles, battles, base camps and more.

We hope to break down all the big news from State of Play and give you even more reasons to get excited about Final Fantasy 16.

The epic battle between Eikons and Clive Rosfield

State of Play brings Final Fantasy 16 combat back to life, including eye-popping battles between Akon, known as Ifrit, Shiva, Ramu, Titan, Bahamut, Phoenix, Garuda and more from previous games as summons I was able to catch a glimpse of it. .

These epic Eikon fights are transforming combat and can be anything from a ‘3D scrolling shooter’ to a ‘heavyweight wrestling match’. The scale of these battles is very different from what we’ve seen in Final Fantasy games, with some big Eikons like Titan Lost and others like Ifrit looking gigantic compared to Clive and small action figures. make it look like

The battle itself is definitely going to be one of Final Fantasy 16’s big ticket items, but Akon plays a very big role outside of these showcase battles. , earned by encountering these Eikons. These skills can be unlocked and upgraded via ability points, helping transform Clive into a magical powerhouse that uses the best parts of Akon.

Speaking of Clive, players only play as Clive. There are companions that join you along the way, but they are completely controlled by the AI. However, Clive has Togal by his side for most of the game, and he happens to be the best dog a hero could ask for, giving Togal commands and, perhaps most importantly, giving him treats. can.

We’ve learned a lot so far, but Final Fantasy 16 has accessibility items you can equip to make the game more approachable for those who want to try it. provides an assist in combat. The ones listed here slow down time when attacked, so you can focus on performing combo attacks with a single button press.

Clive’s Lair is your base camp full of characters, side quests, shops and more

Players travel through the realm of Valisea in Final Fantasy 16, visiting incredibly diverse locations, but all paths ultimately lead back to Clive’s lair. This is his base camp where Clive prepares for the challenges ahead in many ways.

In addition to the standard shop where you can buy weapons, armor and consumables, there is also a blacksmith where you can upgrade your equipment. His one of the most exciting spots for high score chasers is definitely Aretestone. At first it looks like training mode.

This stone takes you to a virtual training phase “outside time and space”. You can set a series of variables in this mode to test new combats and abilities, such as which enemies you want to fight, whether regeneration is required, etc. However, there is also an arcade mode that tracks the high scores of players around the world. In this mode, players can show everyone else that their Clive reigns.

Clive’s lair is also where you start side quests and complete other quests you’ve already earned. A very handy map feature lets you see existing sidequests and navigate directly to them. In addition to the standard side quests, players can obtain witchers by obtaining mobs his hunt from allied moogle, and fight monsters with bounties on their heads.

If you’re tired of battle and need a break, visit Loresman Harpocrates to learn more about the history and customs of Valisthea. Frequent visits to Harpocrates are great for players. Because the tales of his adventures will help him complete the Thousand Books, books containing all the knowledge he has gathered in his kingdom. As an added bonus, Thousand Tomes levels up via the series’ old-school sprites and classical-style music.

Vivian the Military Scholar is another person worth frequent visits for keeping up to date on the state of the world and its history. Learn about the relationships between characters and events that happened in Valisea. This seems like a great way to reflect on your adventures, especially if you need to spend time away from the game.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5. For more info, check out our first-hand impressions of Final Fantasy 16, how long it takes to complete the game, and our chat with the developers on Game of Thrones comparisons. Side quests, and expressions.

Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @Adam Bankhurst and Cramp.

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