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Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus-G SSD Review: A DirectStorage Gaming Drive for Tomorrow

The Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus-G is a high-end, gaming-oriented PCIe 4.0 SSD that uses a blazing-fast controller combined with the best flash on the market to deliver a great all-around experience. It’s specifically designed to take advantage of Microsoft’s upcoming DirectStorage API for both production and gaming workloads, making it overkill for the PlayStation 5 but suitable for high-end PCs, especially if you’re a gamer.

The Rocket 4 Plus-G has many similarities with the latest version of the Rocket 4 Plus-G. Safe Rocket 4 PlusThe latter launched with a 96-layer Micron TLC flash, but later switched to an improved 176-layer TLC. This flash is present in some of the very fast drives we tested, often paired with Phison’s E18 controller. This is true for both drives, but the Rocket 4 Plus-G goes even further with customized O2GO game-optimized firmware.This firmware is Phison’s I/O+ firmwareDirectStorage is designed to improve and maintain performance while gaming.

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