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SK Hynix to Halve CapEx Amid Drop in Memory Demand

As demand for PCs and smartphones slows, so does demand for 3D NAND and DRAM memory. As a result, companies like SK Hynix are suffering from declining revenues and significantly reduced profits.According to reports via Reuters When Nikkei Asia, to balance the books, SK Hynix plans to halve its capital spending next year and focus on manufacturing more expensive types of memory. The company also plans to assess the future of its Chinese fabs.

SK Hynix Cuts Capital Expenditures Due to Falling Key Earnings

Like other semiconductor companies, memory makers believe demand for their chips will languish for several quarters and supply will outpace demand. To that end, SK Hynix will cut his CapEx investment next year by more than 50% year-over-year. The company has not disclosed how much it will spend on new fabs and tools in 2023, but only says it will be “up to 10 to 20 trillion won ($7 billion to $14 billion)”. .

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